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Xyloplate Technical Platform : Advanced wood engineering

Our Platform

Xyloplate contributes to research on advanced engineering of wood. It aims to develop the knowledge and expertise of the mechanical characterization of wood and derived products. 

Main equipments :

  • Wood grading machine
  • Biometric measurements : pente de fils, identification of heterogeneities
  • 4 axes test bench (4*7m) 400kN : walls, floors, …
  • Creep benches (service 2 class)
  • Lifespan testing in controlled atmosphere
  • Measurements by  image correlation and image tracking system
  • Universal presses 50kN and 100kN :
  • Structure monitoring : 3G online measures

 Opportunities provided by the equipment:

  • Nondestructive evaluation of mechanical properties of systems
  • Analysis of the reliability of the structural components 
  • Structural wood gluing
  • Mechanical characterization in medium and large dimensions 
  • Monitoring of trees, buildings, construction systems, ...

Possible benefits :

Characterization trials, technical studies, development of prototypes and innovative products, consulting, ...

Project examples :

Morpho Wood Construction Mechanics: Integration in the mechanical analysis of large wood heterogeneities. Application to the classification of products for construction. Value of wood with high mechanical characteristics.